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How to organize home to keep it comfortable and beautiful

Classy Closet Show.  After owning a house, what do you do to your house ...? Left alone? Remember, it's not easy to win and defend it even more difficult. That is, you have to work day and night to get money so you can buy a house you want, but after successfully getting your dream home should maintain the beauty of your home in order to remain a dream house. Do not leave the house that you get with great difficulty into as trash, or fall apart like a bush.

You must exercise care so that when you bought your house look beautiful like a bride maintain her beauty, even more so, either by doing sport, fitness or with drinking herbal medicine routine. Similarly, with the home you always need care every day, and without stopping.

Classic problem faced by most of today's homes is limited space due to the small size. So arrange the interior to be a challenge. If it is not smart in terms of the arrangement, the room will be increasingly felt cramped and uncomfortable, which would certainly eliminate a beautiful impression on your home. Wall paint color can also be a problem, sometimes the paint color of the developer does not correspond to your character. How to work around your home to keep it impressed spacious, comfortable and beautiful? Follow the Home Organizing Tips to Look Beautiful and Beautiful follows:

Classy Closet Show

Do not place art items / displays above eye / vision of the average person in general. Place and arrange more or less 150 cm from the floor. Using these guidelines, you will never put too high. If you want to classify your art collection, use these guidelines to outline the arrangement after it please you to be creative.


Do not use the ornament / display case that is too small. Adjust the scale of existing space. Make this as a general rule of thumb: use 2 / 3 of the width of the existing wall to be creative by putting paintings, decorative / art. These guidelines can also be applied in the arrangement of furniture in one room. If you do not have any decoration that is large enough, try to classify some of the items and place them close together to meet the scale of existing space.


Do not put too much furniture in a small room. Adjust the size of the room with the size and shape of the existing furniture. Use the special drawing paper and a sample size of the furniture (available in bookstores, in the book / supplies for interior design) to figure out the layout of the furniture you have and furnishings that you see fit.

Move-move the miniature furniture in the drawing paper was, until you get the settings / layout of the best. Consider moving some of the walls and arranging furniture in a room. This will create an interesting seating arrangements and maximize the arrangement in space. During the miniature furniture and paper sized images made on the same scale (1 / 4 inch = 1 foot), this can be relied upon to use everyone. You can believe in, what was seen in the paper together with the fact that there are in different rooms of your home later.


Before starting to paint, try a paint color you choose first. Try the first test samples of paint colors that exist before you remove the cost and time for this paint job. Make no mistake, so many people feel disappointed with the paint color they have chosen. Most of them usually choose a color from the color sample sheets and start painting.

When finished, they realized, the selected color too dark, light, or even completely wrong. This problem could have been avoided even though for that you need a little effort and spend a little extra cost.

But, guaranteed you will not regret it. The trick, buy a small can of paint color samples that you want. Begin painting on the side of the darkest (usually on a windowless wall) and the most bright side (usually the wall opposite the window) with a size of 60 cm x 60 cm. Let stand for two days to see if your choice is right.

If you feel comfortable with the results of the existing paint, you can continue painting. Otherwise, try to select another color and start again with the way earlier. Use the same way for painting outdoors. Sunlight and the time difference (morning, afternoon, evening) plays an important role in determining the color of paint outside. Consider the example of paint colors from all angles and observe the changes throughout the day to get the best results.


Do not put decorations on the shelves desk & shelves on the wall like a row of soldiers. Avoid grouping similar objects. Do not confuse the size, scale, and texture. This is the key to set decoration / display-displays properly.

Vary the use of ornaments / objects in terms of height to create a tiered height. Usually can be formed with an array of odd objects. Adding plants in space will reduce the impression of height and also adds to the existing texture. The books can be arranged neatly as the foundation for small items and can also as a base to increase the height of your tiny painting. Use these simple ways and collection of your goods. So, do not always have to buy the perfect or exactly the same as your dreams. This will help maximize the use of your money.


Do not use the corner table or floor lamp that looks too small. Use a lamp with a high between 70 to 80 cm for table lamps and reading lamps your corner. Basically, the height of the lamp depends on its design, but this measure can be used as a guide you. To light up the locker room, it takes a height between 50 to 60 cm. Again, the model lamp (usually wax model is considered sufficiently high) can be considered. Smaller lamps can be used in the dressing room for the kids and reading lamp. Remember, this is just a suggestion because most of all, adjust to the needs of your space.


Do not forget to incorporate materials and colors to be used in the overall arrangement. Begin to organize a few things that can be used as a source of inspiration / ideas. For example, sofa materials, carpets, wall coverings, bedroom knick-knacks, and others, who have a combination of colors you like and lets you be creative with it.

This will determine the color scheme of any existing space. The use of colors and patterns used for the whole space, must be harmonious, as you integrate your color stone jewelry with clothes and shoes to wear. Allow one color of your inspiration sources dominate in every room. Use the colors of the 2nd, 3rd, and other colors as accent colors and support for all existing space.

Use these colors in each room with a smaller portion. General guidelines: Approximately 60 percent of the main dominant color and 20 percent for the next two color schemes available in every room. Additional colors can be used as a neutralizing element. Never forget to set it in such a way that makes the whole look harmonious / harmony. For additional space in your home, consider turning the existing formula. In other words, the color used on a portion of 20 percent, exchanged with the dominant color (60 percent). Use the above composition alternately to the other rooms so impressive continuity.


Do not forget to add the family pet items and paintings to show the "private" you. Display items around the house the family pet to describe the pleasure / hobby each family member. Your home and private spaces that exist should show the lifestyle and tastes of family members. Put family photos on the walls and on the table for a personal touch.

Frame your children's paintings and hang it on a special wall, stacking objects in particular members of the family pet as well, and display the mementos to give a theme and as a decoration on the existing space. Well, your family's personality would be reflected and make the most of you can be creative when arranging home.


Do not ignore the special architectural forms in your home. Perform repairs on the arrangement of the house by emphasizing character and special things from your house, every house must have something unique. Could corner windows, beautiful floors, walls amazing texture, or anything else. Use of the existing architecture as a basis to characterize the typical arrangement. Surely the result will look beautiful.


Do not be afraid to experiment! Let no arrangement because you are not confident of being able to do it, can actually make you disappointed and frustrated.


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